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November 2010 KAL ~ Part 1

Rachel's Knitting Room

November 2010 Mystery Knit Along

Monday, November 15, 2010

PART 1 - First half of the centre circle


The trickiest part of this pattern is the beginning. Once you get past that part, it's a breeze!

In the words of the designer:

Things You Need To Know:

• Throughout this pattern I refer to ridges rather than rows. A ridge in garter stitch is two knit rows.

• Where possible, all outside first stitches are slipped to help with the joining. I haven’t put this in the instructions so as to simplify them and it’s not disastrous if you forget.

• w&t (wrap and turn) is worked like this:

Bring the yarn forward, slip the next stitch purlwise, take the yarn back again, replace the slipped stitch on the left hand needle, bring the yarn forward again and turn the work.

To Begin:

Using the long tail method cast on 10 sts, leaving enough of an end to sew up a short seam.

*K2, w&t and knit back.

K4, w&t and knit back.

K6, w&t and knit back.

K8, w&t and knit back.

K6, w&t and knit back.

K4, w&t and knit back.

That’s 6 ridges knitted and one pie-shaped section of the centre circle worked.

Repeat from * four more times and then work one ridge(2 garter rows) on all 10 sts.

Your knitting should now look something like a semi-circle.


Two days will be given to complete this first part :)