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Our 2009 Dishcloth Pattern-a-Day Countdown to Christmas 24

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Tuesday December 01, 2009
Magic Stripe Hotpad

This is such a cool pattern! It's knit with two different colours on two double pointed needles or circular knitting needles. This is the sample I whipped up...I decided to just make a small scrubbie to try out this technique to see if I was going to like it or not...I'm glad I did try it cuz it really is neat. The pattern gives you a double knitted fabric with two different looks on either side. The first side (above) has stripes going horizontally...

The second side gives you a double knitted fabric with stripes running vertically.

I was a tiny bit confused about the method of binding off in the pattern so I probably didn't do it correctly but it came out real nice...I ended my pattern on the 3rd row of the pattern, then I did one row of (k1, k1, k2tog) all across the row ending with k3, and then I casted off leaving the last loop to start my chain for the hanging loop.
You can find this pattern by clicking here.
I encourage everyone to give this one a won't be disappointed. I think it would make for a great dishcloth, hotpad, potholder, scrubbie or even a hanging towel.



Mom_2_Boo_and_Roo said...

That is a really cool technique! I am going to start one this afternoon.

Dezarae Hurtado said...

Hi i want to know what the name of the knit stitch pattern is called, to see if there is a video on how to do it, ive seem to have gotten lost on how to do it