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Welcome to Rachel's Knitting Room Blog! This blog has been set up to go along with our Yahoo Group. We are a very friendly and helpful bunch. We do 1 KAL (Knit Along) on the 3rd Monday of each month. If you'd like to join us we'd love to have you! Please come and Visit us for more info :o)


October 2010 KAL ~ Day 2

Rachel's Knitting Room ~ Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Marilyn's Cryptic Message KAL

Ocotber 2010 KAL ~ Day 2 ~ Rows 7 to 12

Today's Instructions:

Row 07 B5 p36 B5

Row 08 B5 k36 B5

Row 09 B5 p1 k4 p3 k3 p3 k3 p4 k2 p3 k2 p3 k4 p1 B5

Row 10 B5 k36 B5

Row 11 B5 p1 k5 p1 k5 p1 k5 p3 k2 p3 k2 p3 k4 p1 B5

Row 12 B5 k36 B5

Previous Instructions:


4 mm short, circular needles (16 inches)(knit straight on them) or US#6 1 ball cotton yarn for a Dish Cloth or 1 ball CottonTots for a soft, Spa Cloth

Special Instructions:

B5 means to do border for 5 stitches (always keep the seed st. sequence)

How to do seed st. on odd number of stitches & even number of st.

Cast on 46 st.
Row 01 seed st. across row
Row 02 seed st. across row
Row 03 seed st. across row
Row 04 seed st. across row
Row 05 seed st. across row
Row 06 B5 k36 B5